Located in Mid-City Los Angeles, Patt's Guitar Repair works on electric and acoustic stringed instruments of all eras. We perform a range of services from basic maintenance to complex restorations, including conservation of rare and heritage instruments.

  Our boutique sells vintage instruments, odd curios, and guitar maintenance supplies.            

  Whether your instrument is ultra valuable or ultra sentimental, we give all instruments equal attention and care. 

  We specialize in guitar repair and restoration, but also work on almost all stringed instruments.



   What we enjoy most about this line of work is helping people in their quest to play and enjoy music of all genres and varieties. Whether it is adjusting the action on a guitar they play every day, restoring a vintage instrument back to good health, or preserving an instrument to be enjoyed for generations to come, we consider every step of our work with care.

Patt's Guitar Repair opened its doors May 20th, 2018.


Paris Gulbro Patt

Owner // Principal Repair

Elizabeth Patt

Owner // Conservation and Restoration

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