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We are guitar restoration and instrument conservation specialists who have over 15 years of experience with guitar repair and restoration. We perform everything from basic maintenance and simple repairs to complex customized restorations -- and would love to talk to you about your next project or repair. If you enjoy supporting craftspeople and local business in the Big City, you've found the right spot.

   Located in Culver City (Los Angeles), Patt's Guitar Repair repairs and restores electric and acoustic stringed instruments of all types and eras. We perform a range of services from basic maintenance to complex restorations on electric and acoustic guitars, including conservation of rare and heritage instruments. We specialize in guitar repair and restoration, but also work on almost all stringed instruments from around the world, such as lutes, ouds, pump organs, autoharps, and more.


    We see clients by appointment so that we can have an uninterrupted private consultation. This way we can go over each guitar in detail, discuss treatment options, and get to know our client's preferences. Our clients have the benefit of speaking directly with the luthiers performing the work. We pride ourselves on maintaining good communication with our clients while their instruments are in the shop and make security and shop safety a priority.


Patt's Guitar Repair opened its doors May 20th, 2018.



Paris Gulbro Patt

Owner // Principal Repair, Restoration, and Conservation

   Paris first began to explore music with piano at the age of two, having taken classical courses at the Colburn School of Music by the age of twelve. He branched into Jazz, teaching himself electric and upright bass and guitar, and has now been exploring music for over thirty years. As a young adult, he turned to composition, performing and collaborating as a working musician with various bands and recording artists.


   Paris worked his way from apprentice to journeyman learning repair and lutherie skills at the world-famous McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. He was first attracted to guitar repair from the point of view of a musician wanting to maintain and understand his own tools, but soon learned that he had a talent and love for the craft. After years of working in instrument repair, he studied and apprenticed as a sculpture and objects conservator, working independently for private clients, museums and other fine art institutions and city municipalities including LA City, Culver City, and the Marciano Art Foundation. The art and sculpture conservation industry further informed his scientific and researched approach to wood and organic materials, and he applies a conservation methodology and approach to his guitar repair work, whether it be a simple setup or a complex restoration. The rare combination of these fields -- art conservation, and traditional guitar repair -- provides an approach and experience for his clients that is both unique and difficult to find not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the United States. 

   His philosophy and approach involves treating all objects and instruments with careful consideration. He has enjoyed working with multi-million dollar museum collections, as well as yard sale and flea market finds, seeing the value in all instruments regardless of their provenance.


Elizabeth Patt

Owner // Repair and Restoration

   Elizabeth pursued music at a young age but followed her love of art to a career in museums. Elizabeth has been working in the art field extensively, having worked for institutions such as LACMA, MOCA, and the Getty. She apprenticed in an art conservation studio learning scientific methodology and techniques for repairing artworks. She has trained in the repair of a variety of materials such as, bronze, ferrous metals, celluloid, glass, ceramics, stone, wood, plastics, and painted and lacquered surfaces.

  Elizabeth melds her knowledge of art conservation with repair and restoration techniques in lutherie. She specializes in physical repairs such as cracks, broken headstocks, lacquer application, color matching finishes, bridge resets, neck resets, and other surgeries.

  Elizabeth is currently studying to complete a Master's Degree in Preventive Conservation from Northumbria University, where her thesis focuses on Stringed Musical Instrument Collections and Care.


Lefty Maynard

Apprentice Guitar Technician

   Lefty joined Patt's Guitar Repair in the Fall of 2022. He is currently apprenticing under Paris, learning the skills of the trade of Guitar Repair and Restoration, from common maintenance up to fretwork and eventually more. He is from Upstate New York near the Catskill Mountains and is a fine artist / painter / musician. You'll see Lefty typically on Thursdays and Saturdays during instrument drop off and pickup.

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