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What to Expect during your Consultation:

Overview: When you arrive, we will go over your instrument in detail and discuss any problems it might be having. We will examine the instrument and discuss treatment options. If you approve of the work and estimated price, we will enter your instrument into our queue and give you a claim check. While your instrument is in our care we will contact you with any updates or questions. Once the work is complete we will give you a call to arrange a time for pick up.

Time: 30 minutes. Booking online, you can see what availability we have at the shop, and schedule a time that works best for you using the button above. Easy! 


Please arrive on time, as we often have back to back appointments.

Cost: The Consultation is free. You can pay for the repair work when you pick up the repaired instrument.

Parking: Customer parking is located directly in front of the shop, parallel to the front door where our sign is hanging.


Location: We are located around the side of the address listed (10536 Culver Blvd).


We, Elizabeth Patt and Paris Patt, look forward to welcoming you to our workshop. We are guitar restoration and instrument conservation specialists who have experience in both the guitar world, and the art and sculpture restoration world. We enjoy working on the ultra-sentimental and the ultra-valuable with equal attention to detail and enjoyment. If you enjoy supporting craftspeople and local business, you've found the right spot. We like working on everything -- simple repairs, complex restorations -- and would love to talk to you about your next project or repair.

-Paris & Elizabeth Patt

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