Our Repair Policy/Fine Print:

  • ***Updated COVID-19 policy: You are required to wear a face covering when dropping off and picking up your instrument in the shop, without exception. If you would prefer curbside pickup/dropoff, we can arrange this over the phone.***

  • We are open only by appointment during the times listed in our scheduling app located off the home page. We are not open to walk-in traffic.

  • We accept drop-offs and consultations on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Wednesdays and Fridays are days where we are closed to the public and focused on complex restorations/repairs.

  • Please call in advance to schedule for pickups. We are often performing complex restorations on the days we are closed to the public, and may not answer the door or phone unless we are able to.

  • Our work is backed by a 60 day warranty from the time of completion. This includes setups, as humidity/temperature changes can affect your instrument.

  • We only provide final labor estimates in person.

  • All labor estimates are final and cannot be discounted/negotiated after the work is completed. Any discounts will only be provided at our discretion, and are usually only offered when multiple repairs are being performed simultaneously.

  • We require that you leave your instrument with us to be worked on so it can be entered into our queue. No repairs are performed while the client is in the shop, and all instruments must be entered into our queue in the order they are received.

  • If you need your instrument quickly, we can discuss a rush charge. This does not 'skip the line', it pays for one of us to stay after-hours and work on your instrument. We only offer a rush service when agreeable to both us and you, the client, and it is a minimum fee of $70 additional to the bill. Some repairs do not qualify for rush services.

  • We only perform restrings of instruments as part of a general setup for the instrument.

  • Our turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks for basic repairs, and 2-4 weeks+ for more complex repairs. Our small two-person shop focuses on quality and attention to detail over quick turnaround, but we do our best to adhere to the turnaround time offered at drop-off.

  • For jobs estimated at $200 and above, a 50% down payment is required at drop-off.

  • ​Any instrument left in the shop for 30 days past the date of completion will become the property of Patt's Guitar Repair and Instrument Conservation, LLC.

  • Any instrument left in the shop for longer than 7 days beyond the date of completion will incur a $20 per day storage fee. We are a small shop and do not have room for long-term storage.

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