Please note: we are not taking on finish related projects at this time. We are only performing finish work surrounding a repair or restoration at our discretion.

We are also not taking on floyd rose modifications, routing projects/modifications, or pickguard fabrications/modifications.


Common Maintenance

Setups, Action Adjustment, Bone Saddle and Nut Fabrication, Dryness/Humidity Cracks, Hydration, Deep Cleaning, and Value Appraisals for Acoustic and Electric Guitars for insurance purposes or sale.


Electric Guitar Maintenance

Setup (Including Floyd Rose), Rewire, Pickup Installation and De-Installation, Foil Replacement/Induction Painting, Fret Assessment/Dressing/Refrets, Component Testing and Replacement, Modifications, Neck Removal/Replacement, and more.


Acoustic Guitar Maintenance

Brace repair, bridge fabrication, removal, and resets, nut/saddle fabrication and maintenance, fret assessment/dressing/refrets, top repair and wood fabrication, finish work and lacquer applications surrounding repair and restoration work.

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Restoration Services

Wood fabrication, binding replacement, spray and brush finish work, neck resets, bridge fabrication, varnish, french polish, inlay replacement, and more.


Instrument and Wood Object Conservation

Documentation and assessment of rare, antique, and unique instruments. Treatment proposals and treatment reports with photo documentation before, during, and after treatment. All work performed to standards dictated by the American Institute of Conservation.

Before_After Wiring Cleanup and Rewire